Case Management services are available to children and adults residing in the New Beginnings Service area. Case managers are assigned to individuals based upon the person’s needs and preferences. Once a case manager is assigned, they will work with their client, the family, and other interested parties to develop a person-centered support plan. This plan will guide the direction of services and needs.

Services provided by our Case Management Program include:

  1. Assistance in identifying resources and barriers.
  2. Insuring that the person is informed of their rights and responsibilities and how that influences their preferred lifestyle.
  3. Assisting the person and their service provider(s) in designing services tailored to the person’s needs.
  4. Provision of advocacy for the person, helping bridge gaps in needed services.
  5. Identification of the preferred lifestyle through a person-centered planning process.
  6. Continual adaptation of the person-centered plan as needed to meet the current needs of the person.
  7. Monitoring the quality of services provided and identifying additional resources as needed to assist the person in achieving their preferred lifestyle.




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Adult Day Support Programs are located in Eureka, Moline and Neodesha. These programs assist individuals with teaching independent living skills, and provide assistance in accessing the communities where our customers live through shopping, social activities, volunteering, and other types of local involvement.

Sheltered Employment offers vocational skill training in our paper shredding business. People that are served in these programs have the opportunity to earn a paycheck through contracts with area businesses and industries.







New Beginnings has three housing options for individuals that choose to live in the community outside of their family home.

Independent Living with supports is one choice whereby an individual selects their own apartment or house in the community and staff provide in-home supports, based on the level of care a person needs, to assist with meals, cleaning, money management, and community inclusion.

Shared Living provides an environment where 2-3 individuals share a home and expenses. Staff provide the same in-home supports as independent living. In some cases staff support may require 24-hour assistance to the particular needs of the resident.

Group Home Living is offered in Moline. This six-bedroom HUD facility provides full-time staffing when residents are home. The property provides a HUD subsidy for qualified residents to off-set housing costs.